Senior Elder Note

“Outdo one another in showing honor”  Romans 12:10

A very high priority at the BICF is creating a culture of honor.  One of the ways this is practically working out is through the multiplication of different churches with their own leadership team and the freedom to do things the way they feel led by the Spirit.  I can still remember my first time to the BICF.  It was one English service, primarily dominated by Americans.  We  all know that the body of Christ is much more diverse then one country or one culture or even one stream or style.  We have sought to honor the amazing diversity that God has created by having  services in various language and various styles.  There is French, Filipino, African, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, and English.  Although we  trust in the same Jesus and are filled with the same Holy Spirit, each one has a slightly different style which may or may not be our personal preference, but we choose to  honor and respect our brothers and sisters. We have felt it important to give the various churches more authority over how they do church.  There are some things we chose to do together like, kids ministry, unity Sunday's and GLS, and there are some things we chose to do separately such as small groups and youth.   There are many ways to do church and none of them are necessarily right or wrong… many simply a matter of choice.  There are things that are NOT a matter of choice and are non negotiable.  Things like honor & respect for others, love, forgiveness, believing the best of each other,  these are all non negotiable. Strife and gossip are not allowed here. 

We welcome you to join us in outdoing one another in showing honor!  When do we will experience the presence of Jesus among us in a very special way.


在BICF,我们非常注重创造一种恭敬待人的文化。我们创造这种文化的方式之一就是增加不同的堂会,并让每个堂会拥有自己的领导团队、在圣灵带的领下自由的敬拜。我仍然记得我第一次来到BICF 参加英文堂礼拜的经历。当时大部分会众是美国人。我们都知道,基督的肢体要远比某一国家、某一文化、某一流派或风格更加多样化。神的创造是奇妙丰富的,因此我们一直致力于在不同的堂会中使用不同语言和风格,以尊重神所创造的多元文化。BICF有法语堂,菲律宾堂,非洲堂,华语堂,粤语堂,日语堂以及英文堂。我们信靠同样一位耶稣,也被同一位圣灵充满。同时,我们每个人都有略微不同的敬拜方式,也许某一种敬拜方式并不是你个人最喜爱的,但我们选择恭敬和尊重我们的弟兄姊妹。我们让不同的堂会在敬拜方式上有更多自主权是非常重要的。我们选择在一些事工中联合服侍,如儿童事工、联合主日、以及全球领袖峰会(GLS),同时我们也选择在一些事工中分开服侍,如小组及青少年事工。敬拜的方式有很多种,并没有哪一种方式是绝对正确或绝对错误的,很多情况下只是一种选择。但有很多事情并不只是一个选择,而是必须坚持的。例如彼此恭敬与尊重,爱,宽恕,彼此信任,这些都是必须坚持的。同时,争吵和流言也是绝对禁止的。


Byron Brenneman
BICF 21st Senior Elder