Terms and Conditions
The desire of the Beijing International Christian Fellowship is to provide programs and events to promote spiritual growth and development of BICF members and the general community.

Participant Fees
Any participant fee requested by the BICF is only to cover the costs to operate programs and will never be for the purpose of incurring a profit.

Cancellations and Changes
BICF owns the exclusive right to change or cancel programs. We will make efforts via email or phone, to contact registered participants, as well as announcements during Sunday services or via website to notify BICF attendees of program changes and cancellations. We will refund unused fees to participants in the event that the program is cancelled before the scheduled time. BICF will not be held liable for any other losses incurred.

Participation Liability
Each program will involve the normal level of risk associated with such a program. The BICF will not be held responsible for any liabilities of any nature arising out of participation.

Personal Information
We take every care to make sure personal information given to us is protected and kept confidential for BICF program use, and will not disclose any participant information with third parties.

BICF Intellectual Property
BICF’s names and logos and all related intellectual property, including photos, videos, and recordings are the property of BICF and cannot be used by outside entities without expressed prior written permission by the BICF.