News and Announcements:


1) Church Monthly Prayer Meeting

Come and join our monthly prayer meeting on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 9am to 10:30am in the Zhongbei Hall of Xijiao Hotel's conference center. Our next meeting is on August 18th. Contact

2) Men's Breakfast

We invite the men of our congregation to join us for a time of encouragement and edification at the Men's Breakfast on the first Saturday of the month:  Next Meeting is on Saturday, September 7th, 8:30am, at the Pizza Hut in WuDaoKou.

3) Affinity Groups: Singles

Have you ever asked: ‘Is this it?’ – Is this how God wants me to be feeling about life? Join us discussing the difference Jesus makes to our struggles with doubts and in friendship. Next meeting, September 29, 9-10.30am in the Zhongbei Hall.  Contact

4) Sisters to Sisters Sharing

We are normally meeting on the 1st Sunday of each month from 1:00pm to 3:30pm in the Zhongbei Hall for a time of prayer and fellowship. Our next meeting is on September 29. Contact

5) Moving on From Beijing?

Want to be on our ZGC alumni newsletter emailing list? or Need help finding a new church? Request via 

                 ‘I think I’m pregnant.’

These can be such exciting words, but if you are not married, studying, or far from your family, they can be extremely scary. Where can you turn for help? An unexpected pregnancy is not something you need to face alone. If you or a friend are in this situation, your BICF family is available to support you. This service is free and confidential. _You will be asked some questions to help us determine the best way to offer support. We offer basic referrals, counseling, and connections to help women (& men) make the best decisions for them regarding their situation. You can reach us at 13020063662. Also, if you have a heart for this type of volunteer work and would like to join Voices for Life, you can email us at: 

7) 3-2-1: "The Story of God; The World and YOU"

"Do you have questions about who God is, why the world is messed up, and what you can do about it? If you or your friends are asking any of these questions, please join us for the first three sunday evenings in August at our 6PM services where we will be discussing these important issues." Hope to see you then.

8) Summer Fun Activities & Helper Needed

Make new friends over summer by joining in with summer fun activities! Food, sport, sewing, craft and more! We are also seeking hosts to build community over summer! Do something you enjoy and invite others to join in! Summer Fun is especially to help international students make friends and invite their friends to join. Host a one-off activity or host a weekly activity 3-4 times in August. Please contact Jane (Wechat ID: aussiejaney) for more details.


Our summer children's Sunday school is seeking extra helpers this month (teachers are in place). If you are interested in serving this specific need, and/or in this aspect of the church longer term please contact

10) Online Giving

*Thank you for giving faithfully to the Lord’s work in and through BICF ZGC, all year round! Remember you can also give to BICF ZGC by scanning this QR code or give it on-line – from anywhere – see: Please designate it, FBO (for benefit of) BICF ZGC English. Contact to find out more!