BICF Rooms Usage Policy

The conference rooms in the BICF office are primarily for the use of BICF Church events. During times when the rooms are not being used for Church functions, BICF is pleased to schedule meetings for outside groups. Rooms may be reserved up to 14 days in advance by emailing

We are pleased to receive your room reservation request. Your room has been reserved. Please kindly follow the rules for room usage below while you are using the BICF Office area.

1. All events hosted at the BICF Offices reflect BICF. It is expected your meeting will be tasteful, uphold high Christian standards, and the mission of BICF: To make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; and to teach people to obey all the commandments given by Jesus Christ. (Matthew 28:19- 20)
2. All reservation requests must be submitted to the BICF Support Team at least two weeks in advance through the BICF Room Booking Online System website. OR for outside groups, emailing
3. All room reservation will be made through your Church administrator. (Example: All English Church events will be booked by the English Church Administrator.)
4. BICF Support Team reserves the right to cancel your reservation at any time. Every effort is made to honor your reservation though circumstances may require cancellation.
5. Room Booking Cancelation is available two weeks prior to the event. If cancelation is made less than two weeks prior to the event, you will still be charged the full rental fee.
6. Prior to requesting a room, please do a thorough walk through the room to ensure that the facility suite your needs. Please plan accordingly to avoid unnecessary disappointments and dissatisfactions.
7. Food and beverages are allowed at the BICF Office area, except for Alcohol. NO Alcohol is allowed in the BICF office area.
8. In accordance with the China Government Religious Regulations, only Foreign ID Holders are permitted to attend events held at the BICF Office.

1. Support Team will provide tables, chairs and extension cords for your meeting. However, it is the responsibility of each Church/Ministry/User to provide all other items.
2. Support Team is here to serve on Weekdays, from 9am to 5:30pm, but will not be available on Weekends. Having to hunt for things 10 minutes before your event is not desirable, please plan your preparation time accordingly so you come prepared.
3. Each Church/Ministry/User is responsible to provide the necessary volunteers to do the set-up, breakdown, and initial clean-up for your meeting or event.
4. An overhead projector, screen and sound system are provided where applicable. All other audio-visual equipment must be provided by the user. If you are not familiar with BICF audio-visual equipment, please arrange a meeting with Support Team representative 10 days prior to the event by emailing
5. There is limited storage space at the BICF Office. Users may not store equipment at this facility.
6. In accordance with the 21st Century Hotel’s requirement, fire is strictly not permitted in the BICF Office. This includes but is not limited to the use of candles, incense, and cooking stove.
7. All children accompanying you during your event must be supervised at all times.

Tear down and Cleanup
1. It is expected that each Church/Ministry/User leaves the room the way it was before departing. Leaving the room in disarray or not the way it was when you arrived will cause the loose of room usage privileges.
Please Make sure to:
- Reset tables & chairs into standard arrangement according to the Room Plan. Room Plan is attached to your Room Booking email or at the wall of the Room near the entrance door.
- Collect all garbage to the garbage bin.
- If your garbage contain left over food, please take out the garbage bags, and put it at the Cleaning Room near Room 900 area. This needs to be done to avoid cockroaches and unpleasant smell overnight.
- Wash the dishes that you borrowed from the pantry in Room 200. DO not leave it overnight at the pantry.
*Groups which fail to comply will be billed for cleaning and/or repairs, if necessary.
2. It is imperative that all the doors are closed and light is turned off, when you comclude your event.