Bible Commentary for Local Pastors 给本地牧师的圣经注释课程

Old Testament and New Testaments commentaries pack for 1 pastor will cost 250 RMB. We want to bless 600 pastors in rural area of China. Please see more information below.

With a rapid growth of the church in China, there is a shortage of trained pastors and Christian workers. Especially in the countryside, the needs are even greater. The Bible commentaries which BICF will provide to rural areas for those pastors and Christian workers are blessings and great help for their ministry, particularly for their preaching and teaching. They have no opportunity to attend Bible school or seminary for regular study, but they are the ones who have been carrying on the responsibilities of local congregations. In compassion with a hard ware, we believe that soft ware is more important.

Thanks for your partnership in God’s mission and your support for the church in China! 

Sponsor 1 local pastor from rural area to receive Bible Commentary!