KidCity Heroes

Parents = Heroes 父母=英雄

We are seriously excited that God has designed such an amazing structure for the next generation to learn about Jesus. We believe this structure includes both the Family and the Church. Yet we are aware that Parents are the ideal and primary Spiritual Shepherds in the life of a Child (Deuteronomy 6:4-9; Psalm 78; Ephesians 6:1-4). We also recognize the role that the Church plays in equipping the people of God to do the work He has called them to do (Ephesians 6:11-16).

我们兴奋的发现,上帝为了让我们的下一代学习了解耶稣基督,祂设计了一个另人惊奇的互动结构,这个结构结合了家庭和教会。我们意识到父母是孩子生命中最理想、也是最主要的属灵导师(申命记 6:4-9;诗篇78章;以弗所书 6:1-4)。同时我们也认知到教会所扮演的角色,就是去装备被神呼召的圣徒们,使其各尽其职,以成全祂的圣工。(以弗所书 4:11-16)

It is our hope to not lose focus of these two truths and refrain from usurping the design God has put in place for our best!


Help for our Heroes 帮助我们的英雄

Each week we release a one page sheet designed for our Kids' Heroes (Parents). It is filled with ideas for Parents to lead their Family through the Scripture we will cover in KidCity in the coming week. These sheets are available in physical format at KidCity each week, or the weekly 'Heroes' email (sign up for the weekly email or KidCity Parents WeChat group by emailing: 


Family Sundays 家庭主日崇拜

We schedule Family Sundays regularly throughout the year. Our desire is that our Kids experience intergenerational worship. These Sundays also foster opportunities for our Children to witness Dad & Mom worshiping God with the rest of the Church Body. We seek to have at least one Family Sunday each semester that includes Communion. It is our belief that this celebration of the Lord's Supper is fantastic opportunity for Children to witness our unity in Christ, but even more a avenue to discuss the Gospel with our Children. Here is a brief help compiled for our Heroes on Communion at BICF.