"The Kiss of the Father" undone Conference

"The Kiss of the Father" undone Conference

08 Dec 2017 19:00 - 10 Dec 2017 18:00

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The Kiss of the Father featuring Julian Adams & FrequentSee 8-10 December, 2017

Julian Adams and FrequentSee are coming to Beijing for our upcoming BICF Undone Conference! Julian has a strong prophetic gift and a desire to teach believers how to minister with this gift of the Spirit. Julian Adams inspires us to develop a deep, personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. He contends that at a very fundamental level, many Christians are confused about the role of the Holy Spirit in their lives: Sometimes we focus on His power and forget that He’s a person.

Some believers are wary of the supernatural for fear of falling into deception During Undone Conference, Julian Adams will show that the Holy Spirit’s primary role in the believer’s life is to assure us of our identity in Christ, which is essential if we are to grasp our destiny in life. Also that a joyful, power-filled, blessed life is what each one of us can and should have in the Holy Spirit.

An attendee from our last conference with Julian says, “Before attending the conference, I’ve never thought I can hear from God. I knew others could hear, but not me. But at the conference Julian specifically taught us on how to use prophetic gift God put inside you. Starting from that time, my gifting in this area increased tremendously and I’ve been ministering to people using this gift!”

Dec 8 (Friday) 7pm – 9pmConference
Dec 9 (Saturday)
10am – 12pm Hear the Voice of God Workshop
3pm – 6pm Conference
Dec 10 (Sunday)
4pm – 6pm Undone Sunday Night Gathering @Lower Auditorium 21st Century

TICKETS ARE FREE. BUT you need to register. This is just for us to manage the space and availability. Here is the link: https://yoopay.cn/event/14575149
Please remember to PRINT your ticket on the day or show it on your phone.

特邀讲员:朱利安•亚当斯与 FrequentSee



有的信徒怀有对超自然的惧怕,担心自己受骗或误信。在UNDONE特会中,朱利安•亚当斯将向我们展示圣灵的原貌:祂原本是我们在基督里的身份的确据;如果要抓住神对我们一生的命定,圣灵就是那至关重要的。我们每一个人都应当在圣灵里蒙福,拥有一个被能力充满的、喜乐的新生命。 一位上一次与朱利安一同参加特会的与会者说:“在参加这个特会之前,我从没想过自己能听到神的声音。我知道其他人能听见上帝对他们说话,只有我不能。但是在那个特会上,朱利安特别教导我们如何使用上帝放在我们里面的预言恩赐。从那时起,我在这一方面的恩赐就被极大地发掘出来。现在我也开始教别人如何使用自己的恩赐。”

上午10点-12点 “聆听上帝的声音”操练工坊;
下午4-6点 UNDONE主日聚会
地点:21世纪饭店,地下一层小剧场; 本次活动门票免费,为方便我们统筹安排场地,还请各位弟兄姐妹提前登记报名。请在活动当天出示您提前打印好的纸质门票,或以电子图片的形式存在手机中。感谢您的体贴配合!