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From January 01, 2018 15:10 until January 31, 2018 17:10
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Equipping Center Courses may be audited and those who wish to attend need not be enrolled in a degree program

CM105 Discipleship in the Church
Instructor:Rob Burkhart
English with Mandarin translation
January 6-7, 13-14

This course will focus on the principles and practices that help  
followers of Christ to grow in their relationship with God and ability  
to enjoy His presence in their lives. The course will also focus on  
how to teach others those principles and practices.

BS113 Intro to Old Testament 1 
The course focuses on the the historical and prophetic books of the  
Old Testament. Learning about the Old Testament is a journey that  
helps believers understand the New Testament and their faith in new  
and exciting ways.

Instructor: David Hallett (English)
Instructor: Stephen Liang (Chinese)
January 20-21, 27-28


CM105 教会的门徒
讲师:Rob Burkhart



讲师:David Hallett(英文)Stephen Liang(中文)