Reader's Serminar|BICF书房读者会

From April 21, 2018 6:00 pm until April 21, 2018 8:30 pm

Time: 21st April,6-9PM
Venue: Room700
Cost: 120RMB(Includes one book and refreshments)

Pulling Back the Shades: Erotica, Intimacy, and the Longings of a Woman's Heart is a book that addresses women's sexual, emotional and spiritual struggles, and reveals the truth about our deepest longings behind these struggles from a biblical perspective.

We live in a world that seeks to exploit our desires and manipulate our fantasies at every moment: stories or images of romance in movies, TV shows and popular fiction that capture our eyes and impact our minds, advice from fashion magazines that promises satisfaction in the bedroom ...As Christian women, how do we deal with our real-life frustrations in marriage or singleness, look at our secret longings in the light of what Jesus says, overcome the temptations from a culture that redefines morality, and pursue holiness in a way that does not downplay our wholeness as a spiritual AND sexual woman?In the coming round of our BICF Bookstore Readers Club, we want to provide you with a safe place for an honest discussion on the basis of this book, and to invite sisters of diverse experiences and backgrounds to share stories, exchange ideas and pray together for our transformation and renewal in Christ.

NOTE: Please read Pulling Back the Shades before attending the Readers Club. The original English copies can be purchased at BICF Bookstore. The translated Chinese edition will be available soon in April.

时间: 4月21日,下午6-9点
地点: 二十一世纪教会700房间
费用: 120元(含中/英文书费、茶点)

《拨开五十道阴影》(暂译名)是一本以基督徒视角来探讨和回应女性在身体、情感和生命方面真实挣扎和需求的书。我们身处在一个可以随时满足欲望幻想的世界:文艺影视作品中充斥着吸引眼和心的爱情故事和画面,各种潮流杂志读物上也对女性如何满足自己的身心需求任意教导。作为相信基督的女性,我们要如何面对现实生命中的阻碍和内里真实的需要、胜过周遭的试探成为圣洁呢?在这次读者会中,我们将以这本书为参考,邀请不同经历文化背景的姐妹们来一起探讨、交流和祷告。 注:请提前阅读《拨开五十道阴影》这本书,英文原名“Pulling Back the Shades”。英文版书籍在BICF书店有售。中文译本将在四月发售。 活动报名地点:BICF主日书房