nextStop is an exciting four-week class offered each month at BICF 21st Century. Through a complete introduction to the mission, vision, values, and beliefs of BICF, you will be provided the information and experiences needed to develop into a growing, connected, impact-making follower of Jesus Christ. (class begins Fall 2017) 

Stop 1: Know God (former pre-baptism class)
This stop will help you understand who God is and how you can know him better. This stop is a prerequisite for water baptism. (First Sunday of the month)
Stop 2: Be Family (former membership class)
This stop will help you learn more about BICF—who we are, where we’ve come from, and how you can join our growing family. This stop, along with stop 1, are prerequisites for church membership. (Second Sunday of the month)
Stop 3: Go Deep
This stop is about deepening your relationship with Jesus—taking root in Him and bearing the fruit He desires. We’ll discuss daily spiritual disciplines such as regular giving, prayer, Bible reading, etc. (Third Sunday of the month)
Stop 4: Make Impact
This stop is your launchpad for making positive, eternal impact. We’ll introduce you to our philosophy of DCAT (Doing Church as a Team), and present you with the various opportunities for ministry at BICF. (Fourth Sunday of the month) 

Download the book:

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